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The capacity to produce original, excellent, and engagingly pertinent written material is essential to the success of any website. Finding the time and energy to produce content that can make a difference is getting harder and harder because of the fiercer competition and the enormous amount of data that needs to be gathered.

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For businesses who heavily invest in AI writing tools and AI copywriting software, faster and more error-free high-quality content development is a big benefit. These technologies not only assist them in improving their work but also assist them in ranking higher in search engines like Google due to its AI SEO characteristics.

If you want to produce a long content, you’ll need to be very patient because having a consistent writing habit is just as important to good writing as creativity.

It is reasonable to assume that the actual writing horror starts when you have a strict timeline and a period of writer’s block.

The fact of the matter is that some kind-hearted people opted to change reality by creating ground-breaking AI writing tools.

You are not required to spend loads of money to enjoy the independence of writing while being confronted with tedious and draining duties; these can increase the creative process in regards to quality, duration, regularity, and enthusiasm.

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In these article, I have compelled a list of the best AI writing software in 2022.

Check them out!

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List of the best AI writing software (Free and paid)

1. Copy.AI is an AI copywriting platform designed particularly for content marketers and online business owners who wish to swiftly and easily implement their core needs.

Their specialty is community driven material, and their business use AI to generate the maximum information in no more than two paragraphs for long-form articles. can swiftly construct many types of copy, including as product descriptions, social media postings, advertising, and website copies. It also includes tools to help you alter your material for improved engagement and comprehension.

Chris Lu and Paul Yacoubian co-founded Copy AI, which was released in 2020. It is devoted to AI-assisted copywriting tools and features, with 90+ content categories to investigate.

Copy AI has grown in both employees and user base since its inception. It now has over a million users, who include copywriters, marketers, freelancers, marketing agencies, and other companies.

Copy AI key features

  • Blog Post Generator
  • Blog Post Ideas Generator
  • 90+ Content Types
  • Sentence Rewriter Tool
  • Paraphrasing Tool
  • AI-Powered Content Idea Generator
  • Meta Description Generator
  • Slogan Generator
  • Offers Over 25 Languages
  • Boosts Email Open Rates
  • Competitive headlines
  • 80+ templates
  • Tone checker

2. Rytr

The Rytr AI Writing Tool is AI-powered software that allows you to rapidly and effortlessly produce blog articles and other material for any topic. When compared to alternative solutions, Rytr reduces the need to prepare a draft version before making any adjustments. Alternatively, you can create your web content in a website app and receive direct information. Rytr’s extensive features can be helpful of all levels of proficiency. Between all these characteristics is the clear and precise correction of grammatical problems, allowing even individuals inexperienced with grammar rules to go to work right away.

Key features of Rytr

  • SEO analyzer
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Style editor
  • Spelling and grammar suggestions
  • Tone checker
  • Batch Writing’ feature
  • Content generation

3. Quillbot

Another writing tool with AI at its core is Quillbot, which most authors use to hone their craft.

You can rework your words using a variety of styles as well as wrap up and expand them using this AI writing assistant.

In addition, users of Quillbot’s Premium plan can personally edit the information and perform activities like summing up, creating citations, and trying to check for plagiarism.

It may be used to modify any form of content you need, which would include articles and books, articles, documents, and perhaps more.

Quillbot key features

  • Grammar Checker
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Summarizer
  • Citation Generator
  • Paraphraser

4. Frase

Frase is an all-in-one AI writing tool that enables you to quickly produce high-ranking SEO content. Write appealing articles, do comparative analysis, and improve your website’s performance.

There is a staggeringly vast list of innovative features in Frase. Monitor the performance of website metrics, emerging technologies, natural language understanding, and keyword ranking while you compose.

In addition to being accessible on many different third-party websites like WordPress, and Hubspot, Frase also connects with Google Docs and Google Search.


Jasper is an AI tool that makes it possible for you to write new, original content more quickly than most writers. Gain from article forging and the various content-style alternatives.

With the aid of this automated writer, your writing will be 100 percent original. Jasper will assist with creating social media postings, planning blogs, producing content for websites, or starting a marketing campaign.

You can choose from more than 50 different pre-written templates and change them to fit your writing style. Sales-ready, SEO-friendly content is offered in an astounding 25+ different languages throughout the world.

Together, Jasper and Surfer SEO created twice as much AI technology for you. All of Article Forge’s word suggestions for a specific topic are offered when the Surfer SEO mode is used. Making engaging content outlines is made easier with the help of this tool.

6. Peppertype

Peppertype uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to better understand the style and level of formality of your company.

It examines business procedures to comprehend your brand and market segment before creating original ideas that is appropriate for your brand.

By rewriting and improving the content using AI, Peppertype can switch between conversational, informative, professional, or imaginative formats.

Pick a narrative voice, add a pertinent subject, and let Peppertype work its wonders.

The artificial writer is taught using a variety of content categories to assist determine what kind of content would be most effective for your market.

The simplest part of your advertising strategy should be email marketing because it automates time-consuming, repetitive work involved in producing various kinds of content.

7. Copysmith

With a wide range of uses, but only for ecommerce, Copysmith is the ideal content generator for businesses engaged in that industry.

Copysmith offers a variety of AI writing tools, including Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, product descriptions, blog post ideas, ad concepts, YouTube video descriptions, and more.

Depending on the kind of copy you want to write, Copysmith offers a selection of templates. The structures of all of these templates are remarkably similar; you simply add keywords and other crucial information, and their AI takes care of the rest.

You end up with a collection of succinct copy snippets. You have the option of copying and pasting the copy or making adjustments because each piece of copy is unique.

8. Writesonic

Writing articles now takes a fraction of the time it formerly did because to a deep-learning artificial intelligence that Writesonic built. The AI can create excellent blog posts, landing sites, emails, Google and Facebook advertisements, as well as product descriptions and other content.


Before deciding, always conduct your own study. Despite the fact that this buying guide for AI writing software is filled with useful information, you will undoubtedly have specific requirements.

Depending on your needs, you can choose the best AI authoring program. For writers who want to explore new new subjects or approaches without worrying about the quality of their pieces, the finest AI writing assistants are a game-changer.

If you’re having trouble keeping up with schedules, the enormous chore of creating content may be lessened by using an AI writer. AI can aid in the creation of precise and reliable and innovative content when used with the appropriate tools. To test it out before subscribing, look for an AI authoring tool that offers a free trial.

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